Arabic and Chinese

Among emerging countries, countries in the Middle East and China represent new markets for exports, with potential and opportunities still not fully explored in terms of Western products. Clear understanding of the local culture, the way of thinking and the communication norms is an added value that can facilitate the insertion and the favourable reception of a product. Consequently, the technical and commercial documentation must be coherent and must respond to the expectations of the target market. Given the peculiarities of writing and spelling, as well as the specific terminology associated with these languages, the translation of the documentation must be carried out taking appropriate measures to obtain the most effective penetration of the market and a style consistent with the culture characterising the country. The first step in ensuring successful results is the creation of documentation already optimised for translation. Trust our team of experts to provide:

Translations in Arabic, Farsi, Hebrew, Chinese,
Japanese, Korean, Thai, Hindi, Urdu

Consulting on layout, styles, fonts

Advice on the most suitable graphic formats for
handling bi-directional languages

Creation of documentation optimised
for translation

Adaptation of existing documentation

Advice on creating appropriate
layouts for websites in Asian languages

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