The success of your negotiation activities or of your meeting or conference depends on the individual who conveys your message!

The interpreter plays a key role in these delicate and crucial situations, from negotiations to company visits, conferences and conventions, during which quick, effectively and accurate communication is critical, reproducing even the finest nuances of thought and expression without altering the meaning of the original message. Interpreters must therefore possess specific qualities and abilities relating to concentration, mental clarity, memory skills, analysis and synthesis and must be able to express themselves effectively and persuasively, while also taking into account and conveying meaning associated with the tone of voice and body language.

Interpreters must also be able to work in teams and under conditions of stress, each time adapting to specific situations and audiences in order to interact with the stakeholders. These qualities require many years of study and field experience for gaining the expertise required to ensure control of the situation in any circumstances.

Qualified professional interpreters

Your business is important.
Do not leave room for improvisation, a professional interpreter can make all the difference.


Interpreting in classrooms / academic settings, technical personnel training, seminars


Interpreting for trade agreements and contract signing activities, meetings, company and facility site visits

Medical auditing

Interpreting for auditing and medical reviews

Simultaneous, consecutive, chuchotage (or whispered interpreting)

Interpreting for events, conventions and conferences. Provision of equipment (acoustically isolated interpreting cabins and headphones for users, bidule system)

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