A company’s website is the primary tool for communicating with new potential clients and determines the image that the client base will perceive. Adequate graphics, ease of navigation and clear and accurate information are indispensable elements, yet ineffective unless the content is presented in the customer’s language. Research and surveys show that consumers and buyers in any business segment expect that products, websites and applications for mobile phones are available in their own language. Even those who have a good knowledge of English prefers to read content in their native language. Translations increase sales! A new language opens up new markets and increase sales. Stand out from the competition: translate your website to sell products and services to customers around the world!

Translation and localisation
of websites

Translation of websites in Arabic and Chinese

Translation from Word, HTML, XML
or Excel with integrated code

Translation of applications and software interfaces

Translation directly on web platforms
(WordPress, Drupal, etc.)

Language specific SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
consulting services

A total of 72.4% of consumers are more inclined to purchase a product if the related information is available and presented in their native language. *
For 56.2% of consumers, content and information is more important than price.*

* Source: Common Sense Advisory

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