The terminology, the expressions and the figures of speech specific to each company represent elements of important value that identify and render your brand unique within the scope of commercial communication, as well as technical documentation.

The terminology must be clear, consistent and carefully controlled, both in the source language as well as in the translated version. Inadequate and inefficient management of terminology leads to serious consequences including inconsistency, errors, incomprehension, repetition of text, multiple revisions, corrections and, not least, frustration. All factors that will inevitably lead to delays, confusion and loss of time.

Familiar with this situation? Keeping terminology consistent and up-to-date in documentation and between different departments within the same company is an undertaking that requires perseverance, time and dedication. Allow us to help you organise and manage your terminology. Only you know the particular nature and specifics of your product, but with our help you can effectively and efficiently organise and standardise this invaluable knowledge.

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  • Extraction of key terms and expressions
    from source text
  • Extraction of terms from websites
    or previously translated documentation
  • Bilingual text alignment
    for the creation of translation memories


  • Creation of terminology
    glossaries and databases
  • Glossaries in xls,
    multiterm or tbx format
  • Verification of terminology
    and stylistic consistency of source text


  • Maintenance and update
    of databases
  • Verification of terminology adequacy
  • Verification of inconsistent
    use of terminology

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