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LEXILAB for your success
Jan 27 2016

New Year’s resolutions for your business, and how LEXILAB can help

January almost over and not quite got your plan sorted for the year? Here are some suggestions as to how LEXILAB can help you meet your business goals.

  1. Increase sales and expand your business – Translate your website to reach a wider digital market; we can provide the languages you need, from French to Farsi. Reach out in person too through face-to-face networking; have you got your business card translated?
  2. Build stronger relationships with customers – Talk to them in their language to make your communication more powerful, and show you care. Should you take along an interpreter to that international business conference to make sure you can talk to the people that really matter? Contact LEXILAB to find the right person for the job. If, on the other hand, you want to improve your own language skills, we can recommend a course that’s right for you.
  3. Market more effectively to promote your business – Do you have your company profile, website, brochures and social media posts available in all the relevant languages? At LEXILAB we translate in all European, Asian and Middle Eastern languages – ask us for a free quote!
  4. Build on company and brand image – Add the ultimate professional touch with polished material to present to clients from around the world: make use of our professional DTP services.
  5. Improve productivity – Have your multi-lingual material ready, so customers can access it easily via your website and go straight to the products they need. Listen to your clients; if they are asking you lots of questions, have you considered whether you have enough material available in the right language?
  6. Achieve a work-life balance – Let us take care of your linguistic needs and avoid wasting time trying to muddle your way through translations yourself. You risk making serious errors, using up your valuable time and causing unnecessary stress. Do what you are good at, and you can rely on us to do the same.
  7. Plan ahead – Prepare translations and decide on your final DTP layout before your business trip, meeting, or on-site client visit. Your clients will perceive your calm and collected approach when you are safe in the knowledge that you have all the supporting documentation you need to make the event a success.
  8. Learn something new – When it comes to language consultancy, LEXILAB is here to help. Not sure about how multilingual material can help your business? Ask us! Visit our “Contacts” page for details of our address, telephone number and email.
  9. Aim for the best – Don’t settle for a translation thrown together by a friend of a friend who speaks a little German, if you manage a professional business, you need professional languages services. Let LEXILAB take care of the language side, and you can enjoy the benefits.
  10. Change what is not working – Not sure who translated the manual last year? Are there bits missing? Not sure if the whole text ties together? Why not ask Lexilab to give the complete file a onceover, checking that your terminology is consistent, your style fluid and your content coherent. The result will be clear and comprehensive material that works to the advantage of your business.
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