Translation: promoting cultural heritage in changing times

Sep 27 2018

“Promoting cultural heritage in changing times” is the theme chosen by FIT (the International Federation of Translators) for this year’s International Translation Day, celebrated on 30 September.

“As pointed out by UNESCO, cultural heritage does not end with ‘monuments and collections of objects’. It includes intangible cultural heritage such as knowledge, beliefs and practises concerning people, nature and our relationship with the universe.”

In the era of globalisation, we are seeing changes that bring previously separated cultures, countries and continents into face-to-face contact, making opportunities for communication and exchange truly infinite. Keeping our own cultural identities, while recognising, understanding and respecting diversity, is the key to encouraging intercultural dialogue and mutual respect.

In this context, the role of translation in promoting an understanding of the intangible cultural heritage of others finds its raison d’être, with the translator serving as a consultant and promoter of culture, and a solid bridge between different ways of thinking and world views which may otherwise seem irreconcilable.


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Ideas and quoted extracts taken from: “Translation: promoting cultural heritage in changing times”, (Published on 26 March 2018).

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